EasyLine comes from a marketing oriented idea of Pozzoli Group, working in the Brianza area since the end the year 70’ – a very important period for the author design – as an important productive and distributing reality. Pozzoli Group has always been able to renovate its own offer, selecting an offer of functional and service products, choosing from a worldwide panorama offer. All products are characterized by great performances and, above all, are particularly interesting for the very good price positioning and quality range…a product line for everybody.

EasyLine presents its collection to the qualified Italian retailer, while developing in the meanwhile a meaningful presence on the Italian market. The company is structured to supply partner, even for important volume, all over the world.

The research for a total quality and a steady update of the product range is the mission of the company, whose main marketing project is the satisfaction of the final consumer.

An original case history where the brand develops a research for dynamics products for the living area furnishing and the value of the space with multifunctional contemporary products, of functional design.

A rich catalogue of dynamics products created by Easyline for great performances, the fruit of original idea, recognizable from the brand.